Thermal management presents big challenges for today's data centers, chief among which is cooling equipment in enclosed racks.

InfraCool® intelligent cooling solutions provide appropriate airflow, while helping minimize operational costs associated with data center energy consumption. Make InfraCool® an integral part of your rack cooling strategy today.


Extract Fan Door

  • Remove heated air and prevent build-up of heated air inside the rack, which can cause equipment to overheat and shut down
  • Provide a total of 1,080 CFM peak exhaust airflow
  • Front temp. LED w/ bundled temp. sensor x 1
  • Fan ON / OFF by door switch for safety
  • w/ 3-point handle lock
  • Black or Grey white color

Part no. ( middle split door ) :

  • EXDS-42.10-VH
  • EXDS-45.10-VH
  • EXDS-47.10-VH

33U Door Mount Extract Fan Panel

  • Improve heat extraction from high density racks
  • Front temp. LED w/ bundled temp. sensor x 1
  • Easy installation with common tools
  • Slim and light weight design at 3.9 kg / 8.6 lb only
  • Designed for low noise and high airflow performance
  • 9 fans ( 972 CFM )
Intelligent ( Master ) :
Intelligent ( Slave ) :
Basic :

Raised Floor Mount Fan Unit

  • Intake underfloor cold air into the aisle and rack
  • Eliminate hot spots by proper airflow distribution
  • Temp. LED w/ bundled temp. sensor x 2
  • Individual fan switch x 4 for power and CFM control
  • Easy installation without rack movement
  • Designed for high airflow performance
  • 4 fans ( 2,172 CFM )
Intelligent :
Basic :