The biggest challenge in today's data center is thermal management, which is no surprise considering the average heat load generated per equipment rack has double in this century. Cooling the equipment in an enclosed rack has always been important.

Austin Hughes has been incorporating ventilation and cooling requirement. We can incorporate top rackmount or door mount fan units, rear extract fan door and intelligent fan models depending on your application.


Extract Fan Door

  • Remove heated air and prevent build-up of heated air inside the rack, which can cause equipment to overheat and shut down
  • Provide a total of 1,080 CFM peak exhaust airflow
  • Front temp. LED w/ bundled temp. sensor x 1
  • Fan ON / OFF by door switch for safety
  • w/ 3-point handle lock
  • Black or Grey white color

Part no. ( middle split door ) :

  • EXDS-42.10-VH
  • EXDS-45.10-VH
  • EXDS-47.10-VH

33U Door Mount Extract Fan Panel

  • Improve heat extraction from high density racks
  • Front temp. LED w/ bundled temp. sensor x 1
  • Easy installation with common tools
  • Slim and light weight design at 3.9 kg / 8.6 lb only
  • Designed for low noise and high airflow performance
  • 9 fans ( 972 CFM )
Intelligent ( Master ) :
Intelligent ( Slave ) :
Basic :

Raised Floor Mount Fan Unit

  • Intake underfloor cold air into the aisle and rack
  • Eliminate hot spots by proper airflow distribution
  • Temp. LED w/ bundled temp. sensor x 2
  • Individual fan switch x 4 for power and CFM control
  • Easy installation without rack movement
  • Designed for high airflow performance
  • 4 fans ( 2,172 CFM )
Intelligent :
Basic :