The primary purpose of cable management is to maintain optimal airflow and facilitate installations, upgrades & servicing of IT systems. As the number of IT components within each rack continues to increase, so do the number of power and data cables required.

Recognizing these challenges, Austin Hughes has responded with a comprehensive selection of optional components that allow users to pick the ideal cable management solution for their particular IT environment.


Top Cable Entry with Brush, set of 6 pcs

  • Brush size : 110 x 500 mm
  • Top brushed cover prevents undesirable dust and hot air recirculation
  • Bundled for standard package

Full Height Cable Brush, set of 2 sides

  • Brush width after installation : 150 mm
  • Provide proper airflow within the rack while allowing cables to pass through
Part no. :

Full Height Cable Tray

set of 2 sides
  • Width : 150 mm
  • Bundled for standard package
Part no. :

Cable Ring, pack of 10

  • Size : 88 x 120 mm
  • Rigid structure
  • Material : Steel
  • Positioned on the rear
Part no. :

Finger Guide, set of 2 sides

  • Provide an organized cable system
  • Material : Plastic
  • Depth : 105 mm
Part no. :

Cable Management Panel, pc

  • Handle big amount of cabling
Part no. :