52U Model

Standard Package / Size

Model No. Width Depth Height
Overall( door to door ) Effective( frame to frame ) Overall( w/ casters ) Effective
mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch
600 24 1200 47 1128 44 2480 98 2312 91
**Custom size on request


  • Full Package
  • Package A
  • Package B
Full Package Configuration
Static Loading: 1500 kg / 3300 lb
Color Option: Black or Grey White
Enhanced Framework w/ Cable Management Feature
Fully Vented Top Cover w/ Cable Access Channel
19" Rails w/ Unit Mark, Front & Rear Pairs
Front Perforated Door w/ 3-pt Handle Lock
Rear Perforated Middle Split Door w/ 3-pt Handle Lock
Split Side Panel w/ Lock & Latch, Pair
Heavy Duty Caster & Adjustable Feet, set of 4
Dynamic Earthing Kit
M6 Screw Fixing, Pack of 50