Rear Side Cabling

Cable Ring, 100 x 147 mm for 700W CR rack, pack of 10
Cable Ring, 150 x 137 mm for 800W CR rack, pack of 10
Finger guide for 42U rack, pair
Finger guide for 45U / 47U rack, pair
FC-42.742U hinged cover for CR-742, pair
FC-42.842U hinged cover for CR-842, pair
FC-47.747U hinged cover for CR-747, pair
FC-47.847U hinged cover for CR-847, pair
TSP.7Top cable shielding panel for CR-742 / 747, pc
TSP.8Top cable shielding panel for CR-842 / 847, pc
RCC-12Blue foam rubber cable clamp, pack of 12
* either finger guide or cable ring only
* 2 pairs of finger guide required for rear side cabling