IP55 Rated Protection

Waterproof 4-pt Lock Handle

Waterproof 4-pt Lock Handle
  • Swing handle w/ 90° closing rotation
  • Right hand or Left hand application
  • Watertight and dust-tight
  • Key lock cover

Water Repellent Roof Design

  • Rigid steel construction
  • Protect the rack equipment from water-drop
    and dust

Bottom Plate w/ Plastic Cable Gland

Bottom Plate w/ Plastic Cable Gland
  • Cable access hole x 8 ( front & rear )
  • Cable gland prevents dust and water entry

Internal IP Rated Gasket

  • Compression gaskets for IP55 rated protection
  • Provide a watertight and dust-tight seal for rack

Seismic Protection

Anti-seismic Kit, set of 4

  • Reduce the risk of equipment damage
    during a vibration or earthquake event
  • Enhance opportunity of continued
    operations after seismic event
Part no. :  SK-Z4