X6 Series

Traditional racks no longer satisfy the market needs as today’s data centers have to be well-managed, more efficient and powerful.

Intelligent racks are required to manage and control the power, cooling, environmental
and rack access. Understanding an implementation of intelligent racks in data center is a complex task, Austin Hughes optimizes and consolidates a variety of rack solutions on your behalf. The new InfraRack series provides an integrated intelligent rack system. It is an easy approach to offer the rack essentials in the 21st century data centers.

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The InfraRack is recognized as RoHS2 and REACH compliance by SGS accredited testing laboratory.


The design and manufacturing process of the series achieves the BSi ISO9001 quality control plus ISO14001 environment standard.

Designed for heavy / medium duty application, the InfraRack series has been independently load tested at an accredited laboratory in the United States. Test report available upon request.


  • InfraRack can be integrated with Infra-family intelligent devices for security, power, cooling & environmental management.
  • To maximize users’ benefits, InfraRack can be connected to allow a centralized management over network.
  • Designed for the global scalable data center, the InfraRack network is expandable to max. 3000 intelligent racks.
  • Well-engineered InfraRack covers heavy duty and medium duty series for a variety of requirements.
  • Austin Hughes offers a complete 19″ rack solution. A comprehensive range of accessories for cabling, air blanking and KVM screens are available.

Total Rack Solution

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