Stylish InfraCage Components

InfraCage provides three patterns of partition to meet users’ different requirements such as light and air circulation, see-through and privacy. The standard size is 2,250 ( H ) x 1,240 ( W ). Since a variety of cage sizes and environments, custom partition service will be provided.

Plain Partition

>>> Max. privacy
Part No. : C1240-BBB

Perforated Partition

>>> Max. air / light circulation
Part No. : C1240-AAA

Mixed Pattern Partition

>>> Privacy & circulation
Part No. : C1240-ABA

Add-on Top Raised Panel

InfraCage provides add-on top raised panel as an easy way to increase the height of partition when necessary. The standard size is 100 ( H ) x 1,240 ( W ). Since a variety of cage heights and requirements, custom top raised panel is available.

Plain Top Panel

R1240W-100B Part No. : R1240W-100B

Perforated Top Panel

  Part No. : R1240W-100A

Sliding & Hinged Door

InfraCage provides single slide, dual slide and hinged doors.
All of them are custom-based.

Sliding & Hinged Door