Rack Security Cage

InfraCage is a cost efficient and secure way to segregate your space, racks and equipment in data center. Modular kit allows easy and scalable implementation. Strong, durable, and stylish designed cages impress the data center visitors and show your attention to security and quality.

RoSH2 logo REACH logo Green Production logo

The InfraCage series is recognized as RoHS2 and REACH compliance by SGS accredited testing laboratory.


The design and manufacturing process of the series achieves the BSi ISO9001 quality control plus ISO14001 environment standard.

Key Benefits

Secure and Partition Your Space in Data Center

Segregating your racks and equipment into the dedicated zone. Rack group level access control provides physical
security for your racks.

Perforated Holes for Airflow & Safety

Perforated sections allows the free circulation of air & light. The design supports the existing cooling, lighting and fire suppression system of the data center.

Keep Your Privacy Safe

Plain area of the cage partition is able to protect the hosting customer’s privacy.

Sliding Door or Optional Hinged Door

Standard sliding door provides cage access without aisle clearance for the door swing. For some users’ preference, optional hinged door is available on request.

Strong and Durable Construction

Protect your racks and equipments by InfraCage’s durable metal partition panels and strong supporting frames.

Scalable Solution by Modular Design

Modular design allows scalable implementation. Easy for installer to build and expand the cage depending on the rack group size.

Components for Easy Setup

Cage partition panels can be easily mounted together. All necessary cage components are included with the shipment.

Top Raised Panel Options for Additional Security

Provide a simple way to increasing the cage height in order to add extra security for your racks and IT assets.