ETSI Series 600W

ETSI Series Telecom Rack

ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, develops globally applicable standards for Information & Communications Technologies.

In response to ETSI, Austin Hughes has designed the ETSI series racks to meet their standard of racks which house conforming telecom equipment.

Apart from the 21” rackmount ETSI standard telecom equipment, our ETSI rack supports the 19” rackmount standard. One rack can fulfill both rackmount requirements on ETSI standard telecom & common IT projects.
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The ETSI series is recognized as RoHS2 and REACH compliance by SGS accredited testing laboratory.


The design and manufacturing process of the series achieves the BSi ISO9001 quality control plus ISO14001 environment standard.

500 kg 1100 lb
Designed for heavy-duty application, the ETSI series rack holds 500 kg / 1100 lb load rating.

Key Highlights

  • Comply to the ETSI standard of racks which house conforming telecom equipment
  • 21” mounting framework supports up to 500 kg load capacity
  • 21” to 19” converter bracket available for multiple brands of IT servers & 19” rackmount equipment
  • 80% perforated rack doors ensure ideal airflow direction
  • Well-engineered to accommodate tool-less mounting PDU x 2
  • Framework allows multi-dimensional cable pathways and numerous efficient cabling options
  • Easy to deploy and adaptable to Aisle containment to achieve an efficient airflow management
  • Quick release mechanism design for door and side panel
  • Tool-less adjustment for front and rear 21” rails
  • Up to 500 individual key locks upgrade available

21” & 19” Rackmount

Simply apply the 5U 21” to 19” converter bracket. User can manage both telecom and general IT rackmount solutions easily.
  • Part no. :
  • ETSI-5U