CR Series 2-Post Rack

Managing the network effectiveness is integral to a data center. End-to-end solution is required to achieve the proper cable management. CR series 2-post rack system provides high capacity cabling. Comprehensive selection of accessories is available to meet varying needs.

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The CR series is recognized as RoHS2 and REACH compliance by SGS accredited testing laboratory.


The design and manufacturing process of the series achieves the BSi ISO9001 quality control plus ISO14001 environment standard.

1000 kg 2200 lb
Designed for heavy-duty application, the CR series rack holds 1000 kg / 2200 lb load rating.

Key Benefits

Heavy Duty Cable Management Rack

Designed for high-density cabling, CR 2-post racks provide a heavy duty and solid construction – Max. 1000 kg loading is supported.

Two Packages for Various Cabling Applications

CR series offer 2 packages in order to meet different cabling applications and preferences.
Package A comes with cable rings for supporting large cable bundles and easy access to cables.
Package B is bundled with finger guides which can align with each rack-mount unit for systematic cabling.

Convenient Top / Bottom Cable Access

Enhance cabling and patch cord installation

Simple & DIY Installation

Flat pack in individual cartons for convenient storage. Quick and easy assembly is designed that even the untrained users can do it.

Variety of Accessories & Dimensions

CR provides a wide range of cable management accessories and options for vertical and horizontal cablings. In order to match different capacity requirements, range of wides from 700 mm to 800 mm / heights from 42U to 47U are available for selection.

Secure and Shield Cables by Professional Covers

The stylish and easy-to-use designed front covers fully conceal all vertical cable routing.

Removable Front Door / Side Panels

Design for flexible and easier installation

2-Sided Cabling Sections

2-Sided cabling design supports systematic cabling. Two groups of cabling can be achieved.

High Capacity

95 x 180 mm ( W x D ) for the interior spaces in two sides. It allows large cable bundles to be secured inside the rack.

Multi-Directional Pathways for Cabling

Top / bottom cable access holes enable the top / bottom cable entry. Side cable access holes ( Front / Rear ) allow easy cable passage horizontally. Rack-to-rack cabling can be achieved easily via cable access holes.

Easy Mounting

RU markings on front of uprights make it easier to mount equipment.